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September 24, 2006

This is not an end, but a new beginning

And so ends the story of Hittegodsbyrån. Time to be delici.ou... de.li.ci.o.... d.elici... de.couscous... err. I mean, the links formerly posted here will from now on be posted to del.icio.us/skrubu.

September 19, 2006

Mainoskupla | Puhkaise mainoskupla ja tee maan villein vastamainos! Kritisoi kulutuskulttuuria huumorilla ja mainosmaailman omalla kielellä.
Seitz 6x17 Digital | Create a high resolution 6x17 digital image (160 million pixels) in a fraction of a second!

September 18, 2006

September 17, 2006

Viral Video Chart | The world's most talked about videos...currently tracking YouTube, MySpace and Google Video
Male Restroom Etiquette
Al Magnus | photographs and photographic creations.

September 16, 2006

Apple iTunes 7 Draws Complaints | Problems posted on Apple discussion forums include sound distortion, songs skipping, 3-second delays in playing tunes, and lost tracks. The company hasn't yet responded to or commented on these issues.
Welcome aboard | In-flight announcements are not entirely truthful. What might an honest one sound like?

September 15, 2006

Graphic Language for Touch | This work explores the visual link between information and physical things, specifically around the emerging use of the mobile phone to interact with RFID or NFC. It was a presentation and poster at Design Engaged, Berlin on the 11th November 2005.

September 13, 2006

Closer (Fan Video) | Fan made slash re-edit of Star Trek OS.
Pool meets Dominos

September 12, 2006

Simpson Crazy downloads, Tracey Ullman shorts | Our very first glimpse of The Simpsons, these are short clips which aired on the Tracey Ullman Show 1987-1989, before and after ad breaks. Here you can download all 48 episodes; this page also serves as an episode guide.

September 09, 2006

September 06, 2006

Binary Sudoku | If you haven't tried Sudoku before, you'll want to start with the Newbie puzzle. But if you've been playing for a while, or if you just like to dive in with a pencil in each hand, then take a stab at the Power User puzzle. Either way, have fun.
Modern Ruins | How to turn a modern day city into decaying ruins.

September 04, 2006

September 03, 2006

Stockphoto någon?
25 New Ways To Use RSS | Many of us have come to realize how useful RSS is when it comes to tracking news headlines or your favorite blogs. It’s a great way to keep up without having to visit many websites. What most people don’t know is that RSS is an incredibly flexible technology that can do all sorts of other things.

September 02, 2006

Pantone Matching | Everything has a Pantone color...it's just a matter of finding it.
Moleskine City Notebook | first guidebook you write yourself.
9 Ways for Newspapers to Improve Their Websites

August 31, 2006

August 30, 2006

Ikea: Det är bara ett vanligt hundben | Ett foto i den senaste Ikea-katalogen har blivit en global snackis. Orsaken är att den föreställer en lycklig familj med hund, där en speciell kroppsdel på hunden har mycket mänskliga drag. Arbetsnamnet på nätet har blivit ”the swedish sausage”.
The Bridge | More people choose to end their lives at the Golden Gate Bridge than anywhere else in the world.
Results for the Slow Motion challenge

August 29, 2006

Photoshop Painting Techniques: Hair and Fur | If you haven't already, you will at some point in your design career be forced to composite hair or fur into a project. The specific reason isn't important. But how are you going to do it? Use a plugin? Not any of the ones I've seen. Copy and paste hair from another image? Too much of a pain, what with the complex masking and color matching. So what will you do, paint the hair follicle by follicle? Absolutely. But it isn't anywhere near as time-consuming as it sounds.

August 26, 2006

Red-Hot and Filthy Library Smut | Now, coming upon this post as you are, unawares, I feel I ought to clarify the title (which was alternately going to be sex libris) straight away by telling you what this post is not, in fact, about. By “library smut” I am in no way referring to the photo books on native peoples, or the illustrated health manuals, or any of the other volumes which, in your childhood, you lurked about the library aisle to find with the sole purpose of sneaking guilty glances at naked bodies. Nor am I referring to the “risqué” novels by Miller, Cleland, Réage, or Lawrence you leafed impatiently through as a teenager. No. What I’m talking about here is the full-frontal objectification of the library itself. Oh yeah.
...moleskine - a photoset on Flickr
Daguerreotype Photographs the Old Fashioned Way | Patented by Daguerre in 1839 after ripping off substantial portions of the technology from Joseph-Nicephore Niepce in the 1820s and 1830s, the Daguerreotype was heralded at the time as an amazing invention. The Daguerreotype remained popular for only a short time (25 years or so at the most) because it was (and remains) expensive, irreproducible, and tricky to make in the first place.
History of the playboy rabbit head logo
The Coffee Achievers | Digitized from a 1984 VHS tape. This is one of the famous Coffee Achievers tv spots, meant to encourage people to DRINK COFFEE. You can see how we here in the 21st Century have to laugh ourselves senseless at the idea that paid ads were necessary, and not even for a particular brand of coffee, just the product in general.

August 20, 2006

Flickr Related Tag Browser | surf Flickr's 'tag space'. Flickr tags are keywords used to classify images. Each tag has a list of 'related' tags, based on clustered usage analysis.
Speegle | Speak Perfect Web Search.

August 19, 2006

Fontifier | use your own handwriting for the text you write on your computer. It turns a scanned sample of your handwriting into a handwriting font that you can use in your word processor or graphics program, just like regular fonts such as Helvetica.
Amorphophallus Titanium | A celebrity of the plant world, the Amorphophallus Titanum, or "the corpse flower," is a rare bloom that's native to Indonesia and known for the extreme smell that it emits when it opens. Last week at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, "the Titan," as it's also sometimes known, bloomed for the first time in New York since 1939.
Dr. Stephen Hawking sends a message to Yahoo! Answers community

August 18, 2006

Photo fraud in Lebanon | (flash)

August 17, 2006

Digital Tampering in the Media, Politics and Law | Photography, of course, lost its innocence many years ago.
Flickr: The Bed Jumpers Pool

August 16, 2006

Viemärihyttynen | Jos heräät aamulla hillittömään hyttyskutinaan, jota ei vielä illalla ollut, olet todennäköisesti joutunut viemärihyttysen uhriksi. Se iskee sisätiloissa, erityisesti öisin kaupunkialueilla, ja sen pistot aiheuttavat usein voimakkaan allergisen reaktion. Veijari on hyvin varovainen ja lentää äänettömästi. Sitä onkin vaikea havaita.
Ray Fenwick on Flickr
Daily Type | a creative project run by several russian type designers. Day by day, they create original typefaces and post their results along with routine.

August 15, 2006

The Shape of Song | What does music look like? The Shape of Song is an attempt to answer this seemingly paradoxical question. The custom software in this work draws musical patterns in the form of translucent arches, allowing viewers to see--literally--the shape of any composition available on the Web. The resulting images reflect the full range of musical forms, from the deep structure of Bach to the crystalline beauty of Philip Glass.
BBC Radio 1 Documentaries - Kraftwerk | Pioneers, 20 years before their time, they invented much of what we recognise as the tools of electronic music. But quite apart from being inventors they were funky as hell and became the most sampled artsits ever. Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos presents Kraftwerk, so much more than 4 geeky German blokes who loved bicycles...

August 14, 2006

Me | The idea is simple, the result is stunning. On November 1, 2001, artist Ahree Lee began taking daily digital snapshots of her own face; and she has continued this project every day since. In 2004, Lee compiled all of her daily images into a montage with a wistful musical score. In the fast-paced parade of images you're about to see, each second of screen time represents about one week's worth of pictures.
Swing portrait | On April 15th, 2006 we went to a remote sound studio outside of Las Vegas to capture the greatest golf swing of our generation. We took a Phantom v5 digital camera, usually reserved to study military defense systems. This camera boasts the ability to shoot up to 4000 digital still photographs per second. We then turned it on Tiger Woods...

August 13, 2006

Read Print | your free online library.
Carlos Tarrats | photography.

August 12, 2006

FlickrStorm | search on Flickr with some Magic.
Red alert | by zefrank (mov)

August 11, 2006

5 Steps To Being More Photogenic | So the question is, why do some people always seem to look good in pictures? Truth is, some people have a triggered response when they are in front of a camera. They do certain things that make them look better. You can also develop a triggered response that makes YOU look better.

August 10, 2006

Record Runner
FontShop Free Fonts and Font Download
Mark Simonson: Let’s Talk Type!
Smithsonian Photography Initiative | we hope to open new doors for you — both to the Smithsonian's extraordinary collections of photographs and to an understanding of the integral roles photographs play in our lives. Beyond offering more information about where to find photography collections throughout the Smithsonian, our website aims to be an educational tool, serving anyone who wishes to study, explore, and enjoy photographs of many kinds.

August 09, 2006

http://www.prankmike.com/ | A few of us at work have been pranked one too many times by a certain coworker by the name of Mike. He was out of town for a few days and we had some extra cardboard laying around. This is what happens when you push creative IT workers too far! Enjoy your new office Mike!

August 08, 2006

Helvetica | is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of one typeface (which will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2007) as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives.
Upside-Down-Ternet | My neighbours are stealing my wireless internet access. I could encrypt it or alternately I could have fun.

August 07, 2006

August 06, 2006

Jere Majava: Suomalaisten weblogien verkosto keskustelevana julkisuutena | Tutkimus perustuu laajamittaiseen osallistuvaan havainnointiin, vuoden 2005 tammikuusta vuoden 2006 huhtikuuhun toteutettuun virtuaalietnografiaan. Lisäksi tutkimuksessa hyödynnetään blogien välisiä suhderakenteita kartoittavaa verkostoaineistoa yhteensä 257 blogista ja niiden välisistä linkityssuhteista, sekä syksyllä 2005 eduskunnan käsittelemän tekijänoikeuslain herättämää mielipiteenvaihtoa kuvaavaa 280 blogimerkinnän keskusteluaineistoa.
FlipClips | Turn your digital video clips into paper.
WeAreTheWeb.org | Fighting for Net Neutrality and Internet Freedom.
Stendhal syndrome | a psychosomatic illness that causes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, confusion and even hallucinations when an individual is exposed to art, usually when the art is particularly 'beautiful' or a large amount of art is in a single place.

August 05, 2006

August 04, 2006

PIKAPIKA | lightning doodle project.
Posters are forever | James Bond posters have become one of the most popular items of film memorabilia. Launched to advertise Dr No in 1962, the posters have continued to become extremely popular and successful. With some of the rarest original posters reaching thousands of pounds, the world of James Bond posters forever continues to astound, aspire and entertain.
Photoshop Automator Actions v3.0 | includes 11 new actions.
Hackers Clone E-Passports | A German computer security consultant has shown that he can clone the electronic passports that the United States and other countries are beginning to distribute this year.

August 02, 2006

Cool Hunting: Six Swim Toys | Summer's peak calls for something a little more inventive than an inner tube to distract from soaring temperatures. From a hydrofoil that can hit speeds of 17 mph to a floating table tennis game, these water toys will keep young and old cool and happy.
Hups, makasiinipalo olikin vain vahinko!
AguaSonic Acoustics

August 01, 2006

The Top 10 Craziest Science Stuff you didn't know
BRAVIA advert | 70,000 litres of paint, 358 single bottle bombs, 33 sextuple air cluster bombs, 22 Triple hung cluster bombs, 268 mortars, 33 Triple Mortars, 22 Double mortars, 358 meters of weld, 330 meters of steel pipe, 57 km of copper wire.

July 31, 2006

Cigarette pack graphics | unlike many other products where the
packaging is discarded after opening, smokers
generally retain the cigarette pack until the cigarettes
are used and keep the pack close by or on their person.
Thus, cigarette packs are constantly being taken
out and opened, as well as being left on public
display during use. this high degree of social visibility
leads cigarettes to be known as ‘badge products’.
http://www.salakuunneltua.fi/ | Lue mitä ihmiset puhuvat Suomen busseissa, toreilla ja kaduilla. Mielenkiintoisia, hauskoja ja kummallisia juttuja. Et ole turvassa missään. Kaikki mitä sanot voi ja tulee esille salakuunneltua.fi:ssä.

July 30, 2006

Don't Judge Too Quickly 2
Don't Judge Too Quickly
1708 hips
What is the 1% rule? | It's an emerging rule of thumb that suggests that if you get a group of 100 people online then one will create content, 10 will "interact" with it (commenting or offering improvements) and the other 89 will just view it.
The Random Surrealism Generator | Are you trying to plot to kill my feather boa?

July 29, 2006

July 27, 2006

What's Special About This Number?
555-0000 | This online database (compiled by 80-plus contributors with seemingly endless time on their hands) is a mind-numbingly comprehensive catalog of the famously faux telephone numbers used in film and television.
Unusual Hotels of the World | Online Guide of the World's most Unusual & Unique Hotels!

July 24, 2006

How to Ruin a Web Design - The Design Curve | Group intelligence is multiplicative when idiots are involved - combining a half-wit with another half-wit does not result in a full-witted person, it results in a quarter-witted person (1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4). Combining a full-witted individual with a half-wit still only yields a half-wit. The more of these "wrong kinds of people" you have involved in the process, the worse things get.

July 23, 2006

YouOS | an experiment in a new kind of computing platform.

July 21, 2006

Unnecessary Censorship
Näin se kesäloma toimii | osta matkavakuutus Matilta tai Tepolta.
The Hiroshima Bomb | Very well made CGI footage of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb blowing up.

July 20, 2006

Reagan peddling cancer sticks in the early 1950's
VISUAL FUTURIST: the art & life of Syd Mead | legendary "Visual Futurist" behind the films "Blade Runner", "TRON", "Aliens", "2010", and "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", and experience his Art like never before. This is a 5 minute trailer of a feature documentary.

July 16, 2006

Vader Sessions
Vintagephoto @ 2006-07-16T14:05:00 | At the second complex we visited, under the carport sat a photo album open to a random page. It had been rained on, and being in the shade, probably never had proper time to dry. Most of the pictures were just gobs of melted colors. Most of them looked fairly old (1970s-) just by looking at fashion, technology, and type of photo medium.
Urban Fonts | one of the largest sites for free fonts and free dingbats anywhere on the web.
Almost Every file format in the world!
The top 10 unintentionally worst company URLs
Directory of Cities and Towns in World

July 15, 2006

How to Cool Yourself Without Air Conditioning | Are you stuck on a sweltering summer day without air conditioning? Here's how to cool yourself down before your body becomes overwhelmed by the heat.

July 14, 2006

Monster.com Says Mac Skills Handy for Getting Hired | The Monster.com article shows a trend towards acceptance of the Mac in the corporate world, which has historically been fairly hostile towards Apple hardware and software. Many Mac users have stories about being ridiculed or shunned by their company IT department.

July 12, 2006

Solve Sudoku (Without even thinking!) | This instructable provides step by step instructions to complete a Sudoku puzzle by simple process of elimination.
The Syd Barrett Archives
Monstrous Plane Blows People into the Water
Nokia 6265i | spot by Helios Design Labs.
Rocky 6 trailer

July 11, 2006

Nudist Trampolining
Ralph McQuarrie | best known for his work on the Star Wars trilogy.
Allegro Non Troppo - Feline Fantasies | scene from a 1977 animated movie by Bruno Bozzetto. Music : Sibelius - valse triste (sad waltz).
Dinner in the sky | takes place at a table suspended at a height of 50 meters.

July 07, 2006

urbanized | a collection of photography by Robert Stephens. The images on this site reflect his interest in urban decay and the urban landscape in general.
activeCollab | an easy to use, web based, open source collaboration and project management tool. Set up an environment where you, your team and your clients can collaborate on active projects using a set of simple, functional tools. 100% free!

July 06, 2006

iBar | intelligent surface system, interactive bar.
Attractors Water | swf
Solestrom SmartSwim™ | UV Meter Bikini.

July 05, 2006

Complaints choir | on se niin väärin.

July 04, 2006

Desktop Fan With Spinning LED
How to Write a Thank-You Note | ‘Sincerely, Help?’ Having trouble finding the right words to thank your Cousin Sal for that mango slicer? Should you even bother? Oh yes you should. Leslie Harpold tells why and demostrates how to write the perfect, honest thank-you note every time.
XHTMLized: Make sure machines dig your designs | Send in the design you want XHTMLized. In only 5 days we'll turn it into XHTML / CSS. Starting from $149, it's affordable & easy.

July 03, 2006

Website Flags | The web becomes more global every day, and country borders are blurred. What we really need in this day and age, even more than country flags, are flags for websites.
Chema Madoz Fotógrafo

June 29, 2006

What's the Biggest Lie About Blogging? | What have some other bloggers, more wizened than me, found to be the biggest lies? So I asked my friends and colleagues, “What the biggest lie about blogging?”
SORELLARIUM 13 | My God, would have I loved to live on Moonbase Alpha among all that gorgeous furniture, illuminated wall panels, computers, monitors and germ free environment ! I'd never thought that someday thanks to the internet and the 70s revival during the 90s, it would be possible to have that wonderful furniture in my own home !

June 27, 2006

Older brothers a link in being gay | The last male child in a family of many boys is more likely to be gay than a boy who is born first or has less brothers, according to new research.

June 26, 2006

Design Barcode | Unsightly barcodes have been raping the beauty of package design long enough. That's why we came up with a way to give barcodes a fun and beautiful makeover, while keeping its functional utility intact. We christened this new type of barcode the "Design Barcode" and pitched it to various manufacturers throughout Japan. As a result, many companies adopted it into their package design, and we helped to turn barcodes into a new channel for companies to communicate to their consumers.
Great Photographers on the Internet

June 22, 2006

Dancing around the world | Mission complete.
oh, don’t forget... | remind yourself, or someone else, about an event at a specific day & time queue up birthday reminders for the next several months have your to-do items sent to you throughout the day

June 21, 2006

Chocolate Covered Bacon
BumpTop Prototype | Keepin' it Real: Pushing the Desktop Metaphor with Physics, Piles and the Pen. BumpTop aims to enrich the desktop metaphor with expressive, lightweight techniques found in the real world.
What Did Rhythm & Hues Do To Marlon Brando To Make Him Speak In SUPERMAN RETURNS? | Behold!
Funny and Weird Statues in Children Recreational Parks

June 20, 2006

Why do we still believe in group brainstorming? | So you need some fresh, innovative ideas. What do you do? Get a group of your best thinkers together to bounce ideas of each other…? No, wrong answer.
Monty Python Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth Slippers | Killer rabbits for your feet! People love fuzzy bunny slippers, but how does the bunny feel about it?

June 19, 2006

Damn Brids | online game
Extortr | online blackmail for the masses.
SuperMoine | Google Video, 3 min 18 sec.

June 18, 2006

World Cup Games | a list with different websites that use soccer to promote products.
And You're So Funny? Write My Script | Ze Frank, in his Brooklyn neighborhood, makes and stars in video shorts on the Web. Like a lot of young adults, Mr. Frank, 34, has a Web site, zefrank.com. There, he documents elaborate and often ridiculous stunts of his own creation, like having two people on opposite sides of the world simultaneously place pieces of bread on the ground, creating what he calls an "earth sandwich."
Pianolina, the interactive Piano by GROTRIAN | Play with the floating tones, create new atmospheric melodies and let yourself be fascinated by the charm of the Pianolina.

June 17, 2006

Nokia replaces Playboy’s cover with another magazines cover | a fake cover for the reader to wrap around the Playboy and turn it into a business magazine
Computers Can Soon Transform 2D Images Into 3D | Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University has announced that they’ve found a way to help computers learn the geometric context of a 2D image automatically. Not only will we be able to generate 3D scenes from a single 2D image, the technology could also be used with gadgets and robots to better comprehend what their “eyes” see.
SMSRotateD | a demonstration application that triggers screen rotation based on the orientation data it retrieves from the Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS) built into newer Apple notebook models.

June 14, 2006

Diet Coke 'experiment' gives Mentos a surge in publicity | The company spends less than $20 million on U.S. advertising annually. He estimates the value of online buzz to be "over $10 million."

June 12, 2006

Musicovery | webRadio
Zbiginiew Rybczynski's Tango | Oscar winning animated short (1982)
WeeklyShot | a new kind of group photoblog and photo challenge. Every week we announce a new theme, then photographers interpret this theme and upload their own photos in response. During the week users critique the images and decide which ones get featured on our homepage photoblog for all to see.

June 11, 2006

Bonsai Kitten | wmv
Future Batteries To Charge In Seconds | M.I.T researchers have revealed that they have been working on a breakthrough battery technology that could make fast-charging and long-lasting rechargeable batteries possible. But instead of developing something new, they turned to improving a technology from the past! And it turns out to be the capacitor, which was invented some 300 years ago.
Zarqawi Portrait Sets Record Price For Photography | the US Government paid a record-setting $286 billion -- plus $240 for framing -- for this portrait.

June 08, 2006

Opera Mini™ 2.0
2 Minute Photoshop Tricks | a weekly(ish) podcast for beginner to intermediate Photoshop users. Our tips and tricks aim to give you a basic understanding of Photoshop by walking you through quick examples of real world Photoshop tasks. The tricks are designed to very detailed, straightforward, and as useful as possible.
The largest collection of free sounds on the internet | Now with 1,980 high quality sound effects for use in web pages and games.

June 07, 2006

David Hasselhoff - Secret Agent Man | David Hasselhoff is licensed to kill. He kills music genre after music genre and the occasional one hit wonder. Surrender or die.
10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid | If you want to craft an error-free message that reflects your professionalism, be on the lookout for these common grammatical slip-ups.

June 06, 2006

Bread that now comes in cans | In a sense, it's the next best thing to sliced bread: Bread that comes in a can and stays fresh for up to three years, that is.
Animator vs. animation | (swf)
A gallery of walls with stuff written on
List of foods named after people
Swedish Chef Collection

June 03, 2006

Stereotypes | Eric Myer Photography.

June 01, 2006

The interrobang (‽) | a rarely-used, nonstandard English-language punctuation mark intended to combine the functions of a question mark and an exclamation point. The typographical character resembles those marks superimposed one over the other. In informal writing, the same effect is achieved by placing the exclamation point after or before the question mark, e.g. "What?!".
Science of Candy: Visit a lollipop factory!
Das Vinci Code | A subtitled German trailer to the Da Vinci Code by the Heavy Heads at HEAVY.COM

May 31, 2006

Can't remember the del.icio.us website URL ? Read this | The world's most popular bookmarking service - del.icio.us - is also the most ugly URL on the internet that gets even more confusing when typing the web address by hand.
Jesus pan | Put the image of Jesus right on food!
Benchmark Invests in Pageflakes: Ajax Desktop War Heats Up
Teddy Bear Remote Control | The teddy bear remote sits nicely on your sofa or bed and can be used to control your iPod or computer.

May 30, 2006

Lordin Ateenan-maski Kirppiksellä! | Euroviisuvoittaja Lordi lahjoittaa Kirppikselle Ateenassa kerran käytetyn kasvonaamionsa. Mukana Lordin terveiset ja koko bändin nimmarit. Kertakäyttöinen hirviön "kasvonahka" myydään - Kirppiksen tavoista poiketen - tarjouskilpailun perusteella eniten tarjoavalle. Rahat menevät lyhentämättömänä Ylen Hyvä -keräykseen.

May 28, 2006

The Simplest of All RAW Converters | Many Mac OS X "Tiger" users don't realize that they have a powerful Raw converter bundled with their operating system. Every 10.4 Mac comes with a handy application called Preview that most folks think of only as a PDF viewer. Even Apple touts its PDF capabilities without going into much detail about its hidden powers. The most notable of these lesser known features is Preview's ability to decode Raw files and convert them to other formats.
DivX for Mac
Android 207

May 24, 2006

Scarface - The Short Version
Рисунки. Рентген. | Фото.
Nudist colony activity coordinator | wmv.
The Sheep Market | a collection of 10,000 sheep, created by workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

May 23, 2006

www.ertdfgcvb.ch | a container for useless shockwave projects.
Hyperactive - Lasse Gjertsen
Sex is for FAGS! | Abstinence-Only Program for Boys.
Morning Wood | wmv.

May 22, 2006

Free downloadable Camera | Why buy a fancy digital camera, when you can have this.
Webcam Girls Go Wild | An Axe viral ad.
Hard Rock Hallelujah | Euroviisujen seuraava sukupolvi...
Infernoptix | Digital Pyrotechnic Matrix.

May 21, 2006

Windows System Reqs. 1990-2006 | TechWeb compiled the Redmond, Wash. developer's stated reqs for each major Windows release since 1990's Windows 3.0.
Interactive Urinals | Industrial Designer Marcel Neundörfer has designed a urinal that features a pressure-sensitive display screen for some gaming fun in restrooms.

May 20, 2006

May 19, 2006

Raw | Let’s say you have a digital camera that shoots in Raw format. However, you’ve been using JPG files ever since you got it, due to a sense of familiarity, simply not having the time to figure out Raw, or because you don’t like the larger file sizes. Sound familiar?
lomography.com blog++

May 14, 2006

En dag med HBL´s pressfotograf
BackupMyBlog | Automatic remote daily backup of your entire blog database!

May 13, 2006

7 Minutes of X-Men 3
Uncovered scenes from original Star Wars - "Biggs' Return"
Anne Bichon: Parad | Paris + Baghdad (work in progress).
Outdoor: Injuryvertising
Worry Stories | by James Hindle.
Kein Stuhl? | Der zunehmende Stuhlmangel in den Media-Markt Filialen greift um sich...

May 10, 2006

May 09, 2006

Born Into Cellblocks | In the penitentiary of Nuevo Laredo, children do time with their mothers -- and the cartels. Photo Essay byPenny De Los Santos, Text By Charles Bowden.
Star Lords | mov 35,7 MB
Stealing a car with a laptop? | Gone in 60 seconds--the high-tech version

May 06, 2006

Vote Lordi! | Let's make Eurovision history. Exercise your right to vote!

May 05, 2006

The Twelve Principles | a set of precepts designed to lead you directly to any lost object.
Jason Hawkes: Aerial views from around the world
ASCII maps | Google Maps in ASCII characters. Pure silliness for your enjoyment.
Copperfield | Copperfield farce
Music Map | the Map of Music

May 03, 2006

Screw YouTube By Nathan Weinberg | I got kicked off YouTube over two months ago. The reason? Contributing to the success of their service. I uploaded a good number of videos to YouTube, almost none of which I owned the copyright to, all of which I got from other sources on the internet. My first video, the “banned” Xbox 360 ad, was for a time the second most watched video on YouTube, with close to two million viewings.
Popcorn may cause cancer | a recent FDA study found that a chemical coating used in microwave popcorn bags is seeping into popcorn.
Welcome to The Complete Works of Rob Hubbard | an unofficial web site dedicated to Rob Hubbard and his revolutionary and inspiring work on the Commodore 64.

May 02, 2006

The Renewed Wulffmorgenthaler | this new site had been designed to make you feel like a king. Even though we all know that you´re really a large hairy, drooling donkey. We hope you like it, you furry, disgusting creature of the night.
Get a Mac | Watch The TV Ads.

April 28, 2006

Mac Backup Software Harmful | A backup tool needs to be able to copy files faithfully for a successful restore in case desaster has struck. The surprising conclusion of my investigation is that almost all Macintosh Backup tools fail at their most basic task, the faithful copying of files.
The Top Ten Lies of Engineers | by Guy Kawasaki
Global-i | a 3-dimensional interactive globe that displays information about the world in your browser. The Earth can be rotated and inspected and displays can be changed to see information in the most appropriate form.
Pipecleaner Dance III
Helsingin kaupunginkirjaston asiakkailla on käytettävissään langattomia WLAN Internet-yhteyksiä | Yhdessä Helsingin kaupungin opetusviraston kanssa tarjottu Stadinetti löytyy useasta toimipisteestä. Sen käyttöön tarvitaan Helsingin kaupunginkirjaston kirjastokortti ja siihen liitetty pin-koodi. Käyttö on maksutonta.

April 27, 2006

Sex Toy or Baby Toy? - Take the Quiz | In practice, sex toys and baby toys have nothing in common. However, looked at from a different perspective, these molded plastic creations can seem all too similar. Take our quiz and see if you can tell the difference.
3D Sudoku Cube | is a perfect blend of Sudoku & Rubik's Cube. It is a Rubik cube of 3x3x3 cubes, and each face of 3x3 squares is a Sudoku itself.

April 25, 2006

Magnum Photos: Chernobyl legacy | by Paul Fusco.
58 Days Worth of Drawing Exercises in Microsoft Excel book & 58 Days Worth of Drawing Exercises in Microsoft Excel as Rendered for Web & Animated Daily Excel Drawings (mov, 14.86 MB) | Microsoft Excel is a program designed to track and compute information, but here I am using Excel as a drawing tool. These drawings are a part of a series of sixty drawings that I executed (more or less) every day for fifty-eight days.

April 24, 2006

State of the planet | A graphical look at what we've done and where we're going.

April 23, 2006

Finger Lakes Finns
Kite Aerial Photography by Scott Haefner
From Weblog to CMS with WordPress | Could WordPress be used for full-blown websites as well as blogs? I believe the answer is definitely yes.

April 22, 2006

Multi-Touch Interaction Research | While touch sensing is commonplace for single points of contact, multi-touch sensing enables a user to interact with a system with more than one finger at a time, as in chording and bi-manual operations.
The Past is Over | Can you imagine a speech given by president Bush that would convince you that he has had a change of heart and could actually be the president of your dreams? What if he were humbled in some way which caused a profound change in his outlook on life and his role as the leader of our country - turning the aggressive posturing of an all-attack-all-the-time leader into a gentler, wiser soul determined to demonstrate the power of honesty and vulnerability.

April 21, 2006

April 18, 2006

Encyclopedia Mythica | Here you will find everything from A-gskw to Zveda Vechanyaya, with plenty in between.

April 12, 2006

4096 Color Wheel version 2.1
Massive List Of Plugins, Filters, Brushes, Actions & Gradients | It's amazing as to the amount of time and effort that people put into making plug-ins, filters, actions, brushes and such and then make them available to whomever wants them at no cost. All of the following are the "best of the best" and each one has received the highest rating from Adobe, and they are all free. I do not think that there are many items out there, that you have to pay for, that are better than the following...
Overwhelmed By Information Overload From Too Many Subscribed Feeds?
Digg PHP's Scalability and Performance | It turns out that it really is fast and cheap to develop applications in PHP. Most scaling and performance challenges are almost always related to the data layer, and are common across all language platforms. [...] There is simply no truth to the idea that Java is better than scripting languages at writing scalable web applications. I won’t go as far as to say that PHP is better than Java, because it is never that simple. However it just isn’t true to say that PHP doesn’t scale, and with the rise of Web 2.0, sites like Digg, Flickr, and even Jobby are proving that large scale applications can be rapidly built and maintained on-the-cheap, by one or two developers.
DesignEducation.ca | a compendium of the best Design resources available on the Web.

April 11, 2006

Idiot With A Barbell
Karpelasta surkein suomalainen | Kulttuuriministeri Tanja Karpela (kesk.) on "voittanut" Helsingin yliopiston valtiotieteiden opiskelijoiden Tutkain-lehden järjestämän Surkein suomalainen -äänestyksen.
Avoid Santa Claus approach to content management | Just what is a portal? I've spent the last couple of years asking this question. Nobody can come up with anything approaching a reasonable answer. Even people who are implementing portal technology can't fully explain what exactly the benefits are. So, I've come up with a definition of a portal: 'A portal is a website that costs you four times more.'

April 10, 2006

April 09, 2006

AJAX Resources for Beginners
Robert X. Cringely: A Whole New Ball Game | I predict that Apple will settle on 64-bit Intel processors ASAP (with FireWire 800 please), and at that time will announce a product similar to Boot Camp to allow OS X to run on bog-standard 32-bit PC hardware, turning the Boot Camp relationship on its head and trying to sell $99 copies of OS X to 100 million or so Windows owners.

April 08, 2006

MoOM | Museum of Online Museums.
hifilit.com | The goal of hifilit is to make available the history of the Golden Age of Hi-Fi, as contained in sales brochures, promotional literature and magazine advertising. (When was the "Golden Age of Hi-Fi"? Generally, from the late 1940's to the early 1960's.)
Getting Real | details the business, design, programming, and marketing principles of 37signals. The book is packed with keep-it-simple insights, contrarian points of view, and unconventional approaches to software design. This is not a technical book or a design tutorial, it's a book of ideas. (171 page PDF, $19)

April 07, 2006

Savage Chickens | Here be chickens.
Ajaxload | Ajax loading gif generator.
Unphotographable | a text account of pictures missed.
Manage Your Anger Safely

April 06, 2006

Ye Olde Graphic Designer | Basically, heraldry is a lost vocabulary. Every symbol, shape, colour and arrangement of colour means something. You can’t just say “I’d like to have a castle/rose/lion/boat on my sheild …” each of those symbols has meaning, and you’re not allowed to just slap them on at whim. Not only is each item symbolic, but there is a wealth of terminology used to describe graphic material in a way that could actually be quite useful. This language of heraldry is called Blazon.
Google H4x0r
Kolmoskanava (TV3) 1986—1993 | Siihen aikaan kun MTV3 oli vielä nimeltään MTV ja lähetti ohjelmia TV1:n ja TV2:n alivuokralaisena, käynnistyi kolmas valtakunnallinen televisiokanava. Kolmoskanava (lyhyemmin TV3) toimi Suomessa vuodesta 1986 vuoteen 1993 itsenäisesti.
Dummies Book Cover Generator 2006

April 03, 2006

How to feel miserable as an artist
What's Up? | an indispensable tool for the global newsjunkie.
Panoramic Video Field Test | 360 One VR with Sony PC100 mini DV camcorder.

April 02, 2006

April 01, 2006

Pirellifilm: The Call | John Malkovich & Naomi Campbell, directed by Antoine Fuqua.
Wikipedia: April Fools hoaxes in 2006
Battle of the 30-inch monitors: Apple Cinema Display vs. Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP | even if the panels are identical, equal performance isn't a guarantee; the way the panel is engineered makes a significant difference.
Knorr f****n food | this proves that any product can be advertised in a creative way.

March 31, 2006

Juha’s Knight Rider dashboard project
KorsoSQL | Korso-ääss-kuul
Loteria Cards | A collection of scanned decks of Loteria cards from Mexico.

March 30, 2006

Mapplecroft Maps | a highly visual web-based resource which contains detailed country information for over 200 states and maps key social, economic, environmental and political issues and their significance to business and society.
Desktop Backgrounds For Designers

March 28, 2006

Designers must write | Not using language efficiently is negligent and wasteful. It’s something a professional designer should never willingly do; nevertheless, I find that many of us shy away from these tasks, as we don’t feel that they are pure design. It’s sort of that attitude of, “that’s not in my job description”, that seems to keep us from strengthening this capability.
Smallest Photo
Serious F1 accident | Warning: horrible picture.
Las onomatopeyas

March 27, 2006

Martti Mykkänen | Born in 1926 in Finland, the godfather of constructivist graphic design.

March 26, 2006

Yahoo! Design Pattern Library | We are very happy to be sharing our library with the design and development community.
Burning TV | a web-based television channel covering the independent music scene in Sweden. You can view music-videos with new artists and buy their music.
Faithful, sometimes fanatical Apple customers continue to push the boundaries of loyalty | They tattoo Apple's logo on their arm. They help sell Apple products, even though they're not paid to. One couple met at the Macworld Expo conference, got engaged and were married there.
BBC: Air show Harrier crashes into sea
Disney - VD Attack Plan - (Venereal Disease Education)
A Harrier planes crashes into the sea near a beach

March 23, 2006

8 Web Design Warm Fuzzy Feelings | The web design / development world isn’t always fast cars, eating caviar by the kilogram and relaxing on a giant water bed with a harem of concubines. Sometimes you can sit frustrated in front of a computer trying to get things to align, trying to make your site just work properly, for hour upon hour. However, there are also times of sheer elation whereupon you can enjoy a warm, fuzzy feeling (hereon abbreviated to WFF) from the satisfaction of having done something perfectly, or to the highest standard that current technology (or your crippling schedule) will allow. These are 8 of those times, in no particular order…
The Ace of Spades | mov
Shadi Ghadirian | I am a woman and I live in Iran. I am a photographer and this is the only thing I know how to do.
Quiz: How stressed are you? | adapted from one by the Marlin Company and the American Institute of Stress.
20 Rules Of Smart And Successful Web-development | ideas and concepts, which might improve the quality and popularity of your web-sites and provide a good foundation for successful development in the future.

March 20, 2006

The Digits of Pi | the first ten thousand digits.

March 16, 2006

Japander.com | Japander:n.,& v.t. 1. a western star who uses his or her fame to make large sums of money in a short time by advertising products in Japan that they would probably never use. ~er (see synecure, prostitute) 2. to make an ass of oneself in Japanese media.

March 13, 2006

Squeeze a pimple
Z Machine Sets Unexpected Earth Temperature Record
BlackCoat Work | a hybrid workman's jean jacket and sport coat that is also "Made for iPod."
cause | a short film by zefrank.

March 12, 2006

MTV3 Finland Telvis Type | Any help appreciated. Reminds me of Sauna.

March 11, 2006

Interview with William Shatner from 1987 | He's talking about computergames and his problems with the computer.
William Shatner Commodore VIC-20 commercial
Perception of Fonts: Perceived Personality Traits and Uses (Usability News, February 2006 Vol. 8 Issue 1) | This study sought to determine if certain personalities and uses are associated with various fonts.
The Visual Dictionary | a collection of words in the real world. Photographs of signage, graffiti, advertising, tattoos, you name it, we're trying to catalogue it.
фотосайт | photosight.ru
The Top 100 Seventies Singles
Rammstein "Mein teil" (Dir. Zoran Bihac) | FYI, each of the members did their own part of the video alone without the others knowing and the concept of each bit was the idea of that member.
Flickr Leech | because paging sucks.

March 09, 2006

The Logos of Web 2.0 | There is no official standard for what makes something “Web 2.0”, but there certainly are a few tell-tale signs. Web 2.0 sites nearly always feel open and friendly and often use small chunks of large type. The colors are bright and cheery — lots of blue, orange, and what we jokingly call the Official Color of Web 2.0: lime green.

March 07, 2006

Bunny | Animated Short with Music by Tom Waits.
Tiny Tokyo Collection | An experiment using photoshop to create the effect of a "tilt shift" lens, a la the photos of Olivo Barbieri.
How to peel cooked potato skin in one shot

March 06, 2006

Beer fights heart disease: official | More good news for those of you who like a swift pint or two: beer doesn't just fight cancer and make you clever but also blocks "interferon-gamma-induced chemical processes".
Cruise ship of the sky? | It might look like something from a science fiction movie, but its inventors hope the Aeroscraft concept aircraft represents the future of travel.
The man who hated Pooh | The man whose drawings brought Winnie the Pooh to life spent the last years of his life hating the bear with very little brain.

March 05, 2006

Splash Back | get all of the globs off the screen by pumping certain ones up and taking the rest out.

March 03, 2006

Ohio Barns
In need of a car? (wmv)
Olive OPUS | a 400GB hard drive that stores up to 1,100 of your CDs in lossless quality, allowing you to conveniently access all your favorite music.
Pink Floyd The Wall dioramas
Chopping block | because serial killers are people too.
Alien cow abduction | It's a serious probelm. Countless bovines have disappeared from dairy farms everywhere. And the number of missing cows are on the rise.

February 27, 2006

adland: Microsoft redesigns the ipod packaging | Well, they didn't really but the million papercuts film here is hee-larious to all who have ever experienced clients that dabble... a lot.
Pigs Anonymous
The Hall of Deleted Images
Passclicks | a new way to login to websites without users having to remember thir old style textual password.
Presentation Tips | This collection of tips was transcribed from a seminar given in Seattle by Edward Tufte.
How they named companies
Japanese whale blows 'water kisses' | A Beluga whale at an aquarium in western Japan has learned to blow bubble rings to spectators.

February 25, 2006

February 24, 2006

February 23, 2006

The Archive of Misheard Lyrics | the only domain named after the world's most commonly misheard lyric.
my ex-girlfriend Lucy shows her pussy
Linguistic turds | today’s taglines stink and are in no way shape or form worth the millions that get spent on their formulation.
Original Antique European Advertising Posters
Home Pub | combined frigde freezer and draught beer system.
Jesus Christ Superstore | Putting the fun back into fundamentalism and the laughter into sectarian slaughter.

February 22, 2006

Dog Fashion gone crazy! | It is nothing new to dress up your dog it seems. However, I come across so many dog shops, dog hair stylists, dog fashion shows, dog accessories….. I find it unbelievable!
Surreal Scania | How do different places become interesting? Can a wet and dirty road running through a barren field be appealing? What are the common denominators between a heavy industrial harbour and a nature reserve? In the project Surreal Scania we examine these questions.

February 20, 2006

LED Throwies | from The Graffiti Research Lab.
Mr. Fastfinger

February 19, 2006

German coastguard
Hot Sauce Labels
Pub Humour Spontex
A sponsorship waiting to happen | "One of the lasting images of these games is going to be these snowboarders with their iPods," said Abraham Madkour, executive editor of SportsBusiness Journal, a trade magazine that covers the sports industry. "It's the perfect form of subconscious marketing."

It's especially perfect for Apple because it doesn't pay a dime for the display. The company is not an Olympic sponsor.
Vinyl is Stealing
Rush as a Rock-Mysticism Group

February 10, 2006

Pod Pedagogy | enrich your education with electronic offerings.
The Graphic Imperative | International posters for peace, social justice & environment 1965–2005.
Who Is Harry Nilsson | (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him?)

February 04, 2006

February 02, 2006

Extreme Landung (wmv)
Paranoimia | Art of Noise (feat. Max Headroom)
Kenny Translator | translate text into Kennyspeak.
Kokoustarjoilun päätöksenteon tukijärjestelmä (KTPTTJ) | Määrittele kokoukseen osallistuvan henkilön parametrit [...] järjestelmä ehdottaa, mitä ko. henkilölle saa tarjoilla kokouksessa.

February 01, 2006

January 31, 2006

January 30, 2006

Neil Young — Heart of Gold | A Jonathan Demme Picture.

January 29, 2006

The Loft Cube
Finnish Recipe Cards from the 70's
Hello Kitty Barf Bags | The Hello Kitty theme is pursued with mind-boggling thoroughness: the airline issues pink Hello Kitty boarding passes and luggage tags to passengers, and serves Hello Kitty meals and Hello Kitty duty-free shopping. Even the airsickness bags are Hello Kitty-themed.

January 28, 2006

Almost naked animals | There's not much here besides animals wearing underpants.
CHEWY | Chewbacca's blog

January 26, 2006

Gallery of Demonic Tots and Deeply Disturbing Cuisine
Roundabout | (mov)
SWISSMEMORY USB S.BEAT MP3 | Not only did we incorporate the world's first, tiniest USB Flash Storage into the Original Swiss Army Knife, we also managed to miniaturize a fully featured, high-end MP3 Player and fusioned it all.
The Scanner Photography Project | Building homemade digital cameras from low-end flatbed scanners.
Advertising their own wares: Ad agency websites | Just how good are Britain's ad agencies at marketing their own products?
IP Spotting | How interesting is your IP address?

January 24, 2006

ScanJet Music | The HP ScanJet 4c's SCL (Scanner Control Language) command set includes an unofficial PLAY TUNE command.
Music on a scanner
Grav Trip

January 23, 2006

Gregory Colbert's Ashes and Snow | an ongoing project that weaves together photographic works, three 35mm films, art installations and a novel in letters. With profound patience and an unswerving commitment to the expressive and artistic nature of animals, he has captured extraordinary, unscripted interactions between humans and animals.
Motel Hell | Tacky and trashy Motel postcards of the 1950's, 60's and 70's. Forgotten places lost on the roads that time forgot.

January 22, 2006

Flickeur | (pronounced like Voyeur) randomly retrieves images from Flickr.com and creates an infinite film with a style that can vary between stream-of-consciousness, documentary or video clip. All the blends, motions, zooms or timeleaps are completely random.
Know Your Type | Starting points for typographic inspiration

January 21, 2006

Safari Standardized Feed Icon Installer | The developers of the ever popular Firefox and the Microsoft development team working on IE7 have shaken hands and agreed to use the same icon to indicate the presence of feed functionality. If Mozilla and Microsoft can agree on something, maybe we should get in on it too.
stationsvakt: Kylskåpet just nu
Snow in “tropical” Tokyo | Twenty odd years ago, snow happened several times a year. However, this time the snow is going to stick on the ground and accumulate for once.
Winnie the Pooh quiz

January 17, 2006

The Animaris Rhinoceros Transport | is a type of animal with a steel skeleton and a polyester skin. It looks as if there is a thick layer of sand coating the animal. It weighes 2. tons, but can be set into motion by one person. It stands 4.70 meters tall. Because of its height it catches enough wind to start moving.
Planet Perplex | The purpose of this site is to show every type of image that I find surprising or amazing.
Inflatable bonking sheep | It will bring out the beast in you.
First impressions count for web | It takes less than 50 milliseconds to decide if you like a website.
Bill Gates Runs Like a Girl

January 16, 2006

January 15, 2006

Worlds Largest Nuke Explosion | Nuke detonated by the Russians for testing.

January 14, 2006

Google adapts pages for mobile phone
Doctor Bans Boy From Playstation To Stop Head Twitching | A 9-year-old boy in California who suffered from uncontrollable head jerking movements after long hours of video game playing stopped the twitching after his doctor banned him from playing PlayStation, according to a report.
This is what a honda feels like

January 13, 2006

Hupenmeister (wmv).
VisualComplexity.com | a unified resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks.
Toilet Paper banner
Early and often: How to avoid the design revision death spiral | Without turning this entirely into a collection of designer war-stories and picaresque adventures featuring clients with personality disorders, I'd like to discuss some of the more common ways in which client feedback and collaboration can seriously derail a project.
The challenge: Find all 6 ways to love the computer
The Universal Decision Maker | For when flipping a coin just seems so 20th century...
How Friday the 13th Works | Like many human beliefs, the fear of Friday the 13th (known as paraskevidekatriaphobia) isn't exactly grounded in scientific logic. But the really strange thing is that most of the people who believe the day is unlucky offer no explanation at all, logical or illogical.

January 11, 2006

Revenge is a dish best served stuffed | A custom severed horse head plush that is actually quite comfortable to sleep on, albeit a tad on the south side of morbid.
Electronic Drink Caddie | The perfectly discreet way to enjoy hot or cold drinks right from your golf bag.
Adobe® Lightroom™ Beta | the efficient new way for professional photographers to import, select, develop, and showcase large volumes of digital images.
Windows Media® Components for QuickTime, by Flip4Mac™ | play Windows Media files (.wma and .wmv) directly in QuickTime Player and view Windows Media content on the Internet using a Web browser.

January 10, 2006

January 08, 2006

January 07, 2006

Aargh! | How to spell “aargh!” One ‘a’, two, three…? And how many ‘r’s? Not just “argh”, “aargh”, “aaargh”, ..., but also “argh”, “arrgh”, “arrrgh”, ... — and the product, with “aarrgh”, “aaarrrgh”, etc. It’s clear that a wide range of spellings are acceptable. What’s the most common?
Visual thinking practice: Randomness | Here's an exercise that will help you use random patterns for inspiration and hone your visual thinking skills. You'll need a deck of index cards and a cup of tea.